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    Exclamation Visual Basic - Help displaying multiple items

    This is my Code, and i have been trying to make thebutton so that it will automatically show everything from Mercury venus and etc and i have make it so that it show Mercury - Pluto in seperate lines but than i am not able to make it to show the name instead it only show String[]Array in every line any ideas how to fix it so that instead of string[]Array it will show each name correctly. Below is the picture attached as an example of how thefinal result will look like
    Public Class Form1
        Private Sub btnShow_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnShow.Click
            'Number of planets before Pluto was "let go"
            Const intNUM_PLANETS As Integer = 9
            'Planet names
            Dim strArrayPlanetNames() As String =
            {"Mercury", "Venus", "Earth", "Mars", "Jupiter", "Saturn", "Uranus", "Neptune", "Pluto"}
            'diameter of each planet in miles
            Dim dblArrayPlanetSizes() As Double =
            {3031, 7521, 7926, 4223, 88846, 74898, 31763, 30800, 1430}
            strArrayPlanetNames = {"Mercury", "Venus", "Earth", "Mars", "Jupiter", "Saturn", "Uranus", "Neptune", "Pluto"}
            For intX = 0 To intNUM_PLANETS - 1
                'output name and size 
                'output bar chart on next line
        End Sub
    End Class
    Screenshot after button clicked.png
    Last edited by Hack; 08-21-2013 at 08:29 AM. Reason: Added Code Tags

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