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    Question How to Remove an MS Access 2010 Custom UI?

    The New Access UI/Ribbons are a pain.

    If you create a custom UI using XML and the LoadCustomUI routine, it never go's away.
    you can't delete it, or edit it, and it won't reload it, so you are stuck with it.

    The routines I found for loading these custom UI's use a table usually called 'USysRibbons' and setup the load to run automatically when the program is opened.
    The only problem is that it errors out after the first time, because the new UI is already loaded.

    I can't find any way to delete the old one, so that updates to the new one get loaded.

    Even the built-in ribbon editor does not allow you to edit a Ribbon loaded via XML.

    There also seems to be no real documentation on the subject anywhere.

    Has anyone worked with these things yet? and know how to use them?

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    Aug 2004
    Orange, California
    Custom UI's Unload when the current database is closed.
    Make your changes to the UI XML and then close and reopen the database.

    If you have a routine to automatically load the UI then the changes will
    be there next time you open the database. Otherwise run Load routine.

    Hint: Doing a compact and repair closes and reopens the current database....

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