Hi All

Newbie here, just come across a problem and could do with some help

I have populated a datatable and passed it back to my code,
FIlled a combobox as suggested

but the combo box displays the id(Valuemember) and not fullname(displaymember)

Am i being stupid, silly or missed something very obvious, but i would have expected it to work, so that the fullname gets displayed not the id(my index/primarykey), i want the id passed back to me so i can store it later on or use it.

heres the code - like i said rather simple

'get engineers and put into the combo box
Dim dts As DataTable = _db.GetContacts("")
Me.cmbEngineers.DataSource = dts
cmbEngineers.ValueMember = "ID"
cmbEngineers.DisplayMember = "FullName"

also, how do i sort the combo box by fullname(displaymember)

many thanks