Test computer with an internet connection ?

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Thread: Test computer with an internet connection ?

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    Test computer with an internet connection ?

    I want to search the code your computer with an internet connection, note: not the case on or off the network card

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    Option Explicit
    Private Declare Function InternetGetConnectedStateEx Lib "wininet.dll" _
    (ByRef lpdwFlags As Long, ByVal lpszConnectionName As String, _
    ByVal dwNameLen As Integer, ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long
    Private strConnType As String * 255
    End Sub
    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Dim Ret As Long
        Ret = InternetGetConnectedStateEx(Ret, strConnType, 254, 0)
        If Ret = 1 Then
            MsgBox "You are connected to Internet via a " & strConnType, vbInformation
            MsgBox "You are not connected to internet", vbInformation
        End If
    End Sub

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