I know this is a old post but I was hoping you may be able to help.

I have a main form that has a splitcontainer with 2 panels. Panel2 has a picturebox in it that will always show.
The main form has a menu with let's say 3 choices to chose from. each chose show a different form in panel1.

So I want to create a function named myFormOpen. In the function I want to pass in the proper form IE: form1, form2, or form3.

then resize the panel IE:

SplitContainer1.Panel1.Width = myFrm.width

where myFrm is form1, form2 or form3.

There will be a lot more happening of course. I am just trying to describe the situation in it's simplest form.

Thanks for any help in advance.

BTW I am programing in VB.net