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Thread: Visual Studio with C and Asm files

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    Question Visual Studio with C and Asm files

    I am currently going through a book. It has C programs that call Assembly routines. I would like to type in some of the programs to see them work.
    The C programs are in .c files and the Assembly routines are in .asm files.
    How do I create a project in Visual Studio that will compile and assemble and link these files into a program that I can run?

    I have access to Visula Studio Versions: 6, 2005, 2010

    Sample c file:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int first=1, second=2, third=0;		// these are the integers with
    					// whch we want to work.
    void main(void)
    	printf("\nBefore adding third =%d",third);
    	Add_Ext();				// this call the assembly
    						// program that will add
    						// externals.
    	printf("\nAfter adding third = %d",third);
    } // end main

    Sample asm file:
    .MODEL	MEDIUM			; This tells the procedure to use the
    				; MEDIUM memory model.
    EXTRN	first:WORD, second:WORD, third:WORD
    .CODE				; This is the beginning of the code segment.
    _Add_Ext PROC FAR		; The procedure is type FAR.
    mov AX, first			; This moves the first number into the
    				; accumulator.
    add AX, second			; This adds the second number to the
    				; accumulator.
    mov third, AX			; This stores the result back into
    				; third.
    _Add_Ext ENDP			; The procedure ends here.
    END				; This is the end of the code segment.

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    For info for VS2017 see https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Fo...orum=vcgeneral for info on how to configure VS to be able to use .asm files.

    Also note that for 32 bit (not for 64 bit), you can do in-line assembler using __asm {}. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp...ler/inline/asm

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