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Thread: What is the difference between c++ and c#?

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    What is the difference between c++ and c#?

    Many Thanks

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    The language is actually a hybrid taken from C and C++. Comparable to Java, C# is an object-based language that is designed to help coders improve productivity when developing web applications. Seasoned programmers will tell new programming students that C# is an incredibly useful language capable of garbage collection, type safety, simplified type declarations, versioning and scalability support. These features make arriving at solutions to application and software issues faster and easier.

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    c# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft to use the .net framework. It bears more similarities with Java than with c++. Microsoft originally wanted to modify Java for use with .net but weren't allowed to - hence the development of c#.

    c++ was initially developed over 30 years ago by Bjarne Stroustup to add object functionality to the c language and the language was standardised initially in 1998 (c++98). The current version is c++17. As it is based upon c, c++ is not a totally object-orientated language (unlike c#) and programmers are not forced to use the object orientated features (although why not just use c then?). c++ does not use the .net framework.

    c++/cli (formally managed c++) is a version of c++ that allows use of the .net framework via some language extensions. If you already know c++, then this is a way to also use .net without first having to completely learn a new language.

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