Mastery of cards in design.

Cards, if used well in the design of the site, are very attractive and give a glimpse of the site to the site. In 2014, when it first became more mobile with the mobile than the desktop, and design for smaller pages, website design became popular cards, like flat design and minimalism.

The usefulness of the card pattern in the design of the site will be very helpful to you, because you can easily design cards for all screens, especially on mobile devices, for example, see the Pinterest website. The technology is used thoroughly on your site. Also, Facebook and Twitter also use these cards in some of their elements, and in most other websites you can see this technology.

In this article, we look at how the cards grew up in the design of the site. How are their interfaces? How useful are they? How are the responsiveness of the site affected? And where's the technology going next?
What is the style of card design?

To understand this, you must first understand exactly what the cards are.

Cards are essentially of a small location where all the unique information of that card is present, including photos, titles, brief explanations, links, and so on.

Filling the page with such a place that is completely up-to-date and accessible will be great for the user. In order to make the information more accessible, there is no need for much searching. Reviewing card cases is done very quickly, for example, every price Or the title is in its place. The page is quite neat and tidy, and it translates well into the user.

For example, on the Trello website, you can create your own card and place it in the category you want to add to that photo and text and put it in the public eye. These benefits are considered to be high-end cards. The Trello website is so easy to achieve.
Mobile interface and responsiveness of cards

As mentioned earlier, the cards are highly adaptive to the responsive frameworks, which is why the card technology was developed at a time when the developers were also developing; the card layers can be very convenient for optimized mobile devices. And displayed on these devices.

If the cards are well designed, they can display well on each device in any size and fill in the intervals perfectly. For example, you can define a fixed width and just set the height to auto mode to fill the gap between the cards.

See the Verge mobile website

If you notice that the photo and text and its color remain unchanged, the cards offer users a new experience on their devices. You can see this advantage on the UXPin website, see how the clean spacing on the mobile can be seen.

Desktop size

The other advantage of the cards is that when you are browsing these sites with the mobile, every card has enough space to easily go to the theoretical page by clicking on it or open the card with the desired photo. It's been a while since you've been in trouble with your mobile for browsing with mobile!

Future cards

While the user interface is constantly changing and faces a new challenge, the future design and application world will continue to have the greatest impact. In the future, due to the similarity of design with these two, the future is a good future. Front on his own.

Cards may stay on the Web for long periods of time and stay constant and improve Web functionality. Therefore, you should expect to get rich content on the web, you will probably be more likely to deal with this type of web site. In the future, in the future, maybe only a single file will be displayed on each card, or maybe a short GIF animation, and an entirely different transformation that can be found on the cards.

In the future, you will see more creativity on the cards than just being used for displaying and linking. In the future, the auto-updating feature may be added in the future for different tastes, as well as its updates, or more. For example, before Now, Windows Phone has started to automatically sort the card automatically.

As larger images are known on the web, cards are also used to make larger, more accessible policies.

Larger cards allow you to have more information, which means more time to design so you can enjoy it. Great cards give you the practical freedom to design your card in the best way to make your website look pretty cool.

As you see on the Arkitekter website, a mixture of a large and modest card is considered as part of the site, some cards are just links, and others only show completely static content, as well as the distance between the card Well done to give the user a good sense of humor.

Last speech

In all new devices and technologies, cards are becoming a major factor in web sites and may change their original form in the future, but their presence is guaranteed.