These are my settings on my on my Delphi 6
1. I am using dbexpress components(SQLConnection,SQLTable and SQLClientDataset)
2. I am using DataAccess components(Datasource, Datasetprovider and ClientDataSet)

These are my settings on my SQL Server 2000
1. Employeename column i set it as varchar Data type and it will allow nulls.
2. HiredDate column i set it as smalldatetime data type and it will allow

These are the problems.
1. If i entered a record it will save it.
2 If i delete the name of the employee and leave it blank it will not allow
me to delete or leave the employeename to be blank, it will not save it.
But if i will just leave one character in the column of employeename it will
allow me to save it. I noticed that if my data type in sqlserver is varchar
and i tried different data types. The problem will occur.
3. It's different from hireddate column, i can leave the hired date column
empty after the changes and it will save. I also noticed if my datatypes
in sqlserver as smalldatetime there will be no problem.
4. I found out after deleting the name under the employeename column i have
to hit the space bar and hit the enter key and click the update button and
this will save it. But there should be another way to save it. Your help
is very much appreciated. Thanks.