Knowledge of the syntax of a language is merely the beginning of a long journey.
I'd highly recommend they learn the basics of the UML (reading: UML in 24
Hours) and thoughtful programming (reading: Code Complete).



"Eli" <eli_meso@inter.net.il> wrote:
>Am I asking a silly question? ... I hope so!
>I have been asked to supervise some students who are doing a project to
>complete their course learning computer programming. They have learnt
>various programming languages, but their knowledge of how to write system
>requirements and all the various other stages of designing what they intend
>to build is extremely weak.
>I realize that many of us get involved in tight schedules with deadlines
>etc. However, shouldn't programmers at least learn how programs are supposed
>to be produced? When employers interview applicants, are they not interested
>whether a potential employee is capable of designing programs well and then
>build the program according to the design?
>One other question ... Why is it so quite here? Doesn't anyone have time

>proper software design?