I posted this on the enterprise.general list as well but thought it might
be more appropriate here:

I was wondering if anyone out there with experience in UML could help me
the following problem:

In our old OO modeling paradigm we had what we called virtual attributes
on classes. These were attributes that could be calculated on the basis of
values of other attributes, associations and attribute values on classes
related by association. . This kind of attribute does not physically store
information, but calculates information whenever it is accessed. For example,
in a OO system of people in a community, children, brothers, sisters, and
grandparents can be virtual attributes since they can be calculated by the
system based on the mother and/or father attributes. In our implementation,
a virtual attribute was to never change the state of the database. It simply
made a calculation and returns one or more objects.

In our older system, we also had methods. Methods changed the state of the
database. Examples of methods in the above example might include "deletePerson",

So here's my question. In UML, I just want to model the names of and description
of certain virtual attributes and methods. I don't want to code them as that
will be implementation specific. I presume that the equivalent of virtual
attribute in UML is an operation but I am not sure. And I am not sure if
a method would also be an operation. I believe so for both. Some confirmation
would be reassuring.

Thanks for any guidance given!