What are advantages and disadvantages of explicit naming resolution?
If a language supports Multiple Interfaces on single object, it can do so
in a better way than C++. The fact that two methods have the same name still
does not mean they should have the same implementation. Are these theses

I find Delphi that is very close in spirit to Java. They both don't tie polymorphism
with inheritance, base their design on interfaces, single root object for
objects and exceptions, support RTTI,... I feel that Delphi has even more
powerful OOP features. IMO Java suffers of lack of covariant return types
and irresolvable naming conflicts. If the first problem seems to be solved
in short time (even more, hostile generics ala templates will be added),
the community prefers not to notice the second problem.

I can bring some examples when lack of this feature enforces to make awkward
bypasses (hacks).
But this feature is a key to make my design perfect.