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Thread: COM+ Questions

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    Michael Guest

    COM+ Questions


    I had an interview the other day and the interviewer asked the following
    question: When should you use COM+ components? And what types of objects
    should be place in COM+/MTS?

    The other question was when should you use object pooling and when not to?

    I did not know the answers to these questions.

    Any comments?



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    quick response Guest

    Re: COM+ Questions

    I don't have a lot of time so I'll just answer some of the quick/easy questions.
    Someone can probably expand on these points as there is more depth.

    >When should you use COM+ components?

    -->Use COM+ components when the application must use separate data stores(i.e.
    a SQL and Oracle database) and transactions are required across these stores.

    -->Use COM+ componenets when performance is not a large issue and the services
    (pooling, transaction management, security, etc. ) provide by COM+, simplify
    the application's programming model. COM+ services can introduce a significant
    performance limitation, but if performance is not an issue and similar services
    are required, there is no point re-creating the wheel: use COM+.

    >And what types of objects
    >should be place in COM+/MTS?



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