Type 1 Source Code??

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Thread: Type 1 Source Code??

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    Vince Guest

    Type 1 Source Code??

    Has anyone heard of the phrase "Type 1" Source code?

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    Joe \Nuke Me Xemu\ Foster Guest

    Re: Type 1 Source Code??

    "Vince" <suntzu@telocity.com> wrote in message <news:3ab0031a$1@news.devx.com>...

    > Has anyone heard of the phrase "Type 1" Source code?

    In what context? PostScript Type 1 fonts, Type 1 MIDI files, Type 1
    Pascal source code? Source code that is in only one project and is
    never copy-and-pasted into other projects, let alone MULTI-POSTED TO

    Joe Foster <mailto:jfoster@ricochet.net> Greed = God? <http://www.xenu.net/>
    WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above They're coming to
    because my cats have apparently learned to type. take me away, ha ha!

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