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> Honestly, I don't like the old List screen -> Edit Screen filled with textboxes
> approach to building user interfaces. Next month you will see an article
> I wrote (aimed at VB6, so you .NET haters might appreciate that ), and

I'm conflicted about List/Edit. I often end up with a list down the left
side and a tab control containing a "page" or three of editing widgetry,
but try as I might to collect data often used together onto the same tab,
people have to switch around more than I'd like.

> And just to cap things off, I did write a gantt chart in Java (also seen
> a few that make use of old DOS text screens), but it was NOTHING like the
> ones you can build with native windows code and features. The more I tried
> to make it function like Project, the more unweildly and slow it got. Java
> just isn't well-equipped for that. At least in my opinion.
> I'm not ready to sacrifice all the Windows UI goodness just for the sake
> of platform independace so the other 10% of the market might be able to use
> my stuff.

Perhaps cloning Project's UI wasn't the best way to go. Foolish consistency
and all that. What kind of GUI can Java do well? Should this be moved to

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