I am designing an application that will track requests and actions taken
for each
request. There are more than 10 request types and even more possible
actions taken to resolve each of the requests. It would be convienent
that the customer service representatives be able to work on multiple
requests at once.

I really do not want to load any main form with all the controls needed
to track all possible request
types and actions (form would be too cluttered and confusing for the
user). My thinking is to employ a number of dialog forms for each
request and action type and throw the data into grids on the main form
or a child form if the mdi model is used. I was thinking of using four
grids: items, itemdetails, actions, actiondetails. Even then (since
there are multiple request types and actions) the grids will only show
data for a specific request type.

I havent committed to this design yet and would like for your ideas
since i am not real good at ui design.