AutomatedQA's AQtime.NET project has now moved into open beta. AQtime.NET is
standalone .NET profiling workbench for all VS.NET languages. It currently
includes six
..NET-oriented profilers -- Function, HitCount, Inline, JIT, Allocation and
CCW. It also has a disassembler for JITed routines so you can chek the JIT
generated code. The user interface is practically identical to that for
AQtime 2.0 ( ), our profiling
workbench for VC++, VB, Delphi and other coventional compilers.

AQtime.NET will of course track the .NET beta releases from Microsoft. The
current beta is for .NET
beta 1 only. It's at . To
install, you need
VS.NET to be on the machine. This is entirely free. In return, we hope for
your feedback on the forum
we have opened just for this,
news:// .

Philippe Ranger, for AutomatedQA