We are pleased to announce a new release of our popular Wizard control
for the .NET framework.

About Wizard

Features of Wizard include:
* Adheres to the Wizard97 specification
* Create exterior pages that fill the wizard client area
* Create interior pages, with header pre-generated
* Design wizard pages at design time
* Navigate through pages at design-time by clicking on the Next and
Back buttons or by using verbs
* Add or remove pages using designer verbs
* Manage and re-order the pages collection by using the Pages
collection of the Wizard control
* Automatically handles wizard page step flow and manages button
enabled states
* Programmatically override the flow of the wizard page steps and
button enable states
* Disable or hide buttons while performing processing tasks
* Resizes with parent Form
* Set the accept and cancel buttons on the container Form to wizard
* Powerful localization support including the ability to set different
fonts, text, button widths, etc. for each language
* Handle events at the general Wizard level or at the WizardPage-
specific level
* Customizable user interface properties

Wizards are one of the best ways to simplfy the user experience of
applications. They allow developers to take complex operations and
break them up into a series of simple steps. Each step is customized
to a specific task and provides specialized explanations and controls
for that task.

From a design perspective, wizards are similar to property sheets in
that they hold a collection of pages that are displayed one at a time.
However instead of using tabstrips to navigate through pages, Next
and Back buttons are used. Wizards contain a number of pages, each
page representing a step in the wizard. The problem is that Windows
Forms provides no easy way to design wizards, that is, until now.

Actipro Software's Wizard control provides a powerful framework for
developing wizards that follow the Wizard97 specifications.

Its design-time features allow you to visually design your wizard.
At design-time you can manage all the pages in the wizard, navigate
through the pages, and lay out each page's child controls. The user
interface of the wizard can be completely customized and is
reflected in the designer.

At run-time, the wizard automatically manages stepping through the
wizard pages and controls the button enabled states. You can override
this default behavior to programmatically control the flow of the
wizard steps or control the button enabled states.

Wizard comes packaged with sample projects and documentation on how
to use the control as well as complete class library documentation.

Other Products

We also offer other several excellent user interface controls:
DockableWindow and TabStripPanel

DockableWindow gives your applications powerful docking tool window
functionality while TabStripPanel duplicates the styles of tabstrips
found in Visual Studio .NET.

Please visit the Actipro Software .NET product web site for more
information on our products or how to download them:

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