Hi Everybody,

Weíve just launched a new web control that might be of interest to some of
you here. Itís called DbCombo, and itís a combo box that is linked in real-time
to a database query. As you type, the combo box automatically matches your
text to entries in the database Ė all the matching entries are displayed
below in a drop-down, and can be picked from.

The advantage is that the whole data list isnít delivered to the browser
(as with a normal select box) and so huge data lists can be picked from.
For example, on our site you can test DbCombo by choosing a word from a database
of 140,000 words. The component will automatically revert to non-real time
operation (postback) on older browsers that donít support the necessary scripting.

Please check it out at www.dbcombo.net. Let us know what you think!

Kind regards,

David Campbell