Please join us for the next meeting of the Los Angeles .NET Developers Group
on Monday, July 1st, UCLA Campus, Dodd Hall, Room 175. To join the group and
for directions, go to This month Alison Balter returns
with two topics: VB6 to VB.NET Conversion, and Data Access. Alison has
spoken at our Developers Group several times and each talk provided very
practical information and techniques developers could put to use right away.
She is a very experienced trainer, author, and speaker - do a search on
Amazon or Google and see some of her titles.

More Doorprizes!

At our June meeting, LADOTNET member Shay Shalom went home with a copy of
ASP.NET Developer's JumpStart, the latest by Paul D. Sheriff and Ken Getz.
And LADOTNET member Jerry Clark was the lucky winner of Debugging ASP.NET by
Jonathan Goodyear, Brian Peek, and Brad Fox. Congratulations Shay and Jerry!

For our July meeting, we will be giving away another copy of Debugging
ASP.NET. Brad Fox spoke on ASP.NET debugging at our June meeting. Whether
you heard his talk or missed it, the techniques discussed covered in his
book will no doubt save you countless headaches as well as hours of
debugging time. Don't miss a chance to win this excellent desktop resource.

We also have a doorprize courtesy of O'Reilly & Associates. One lucky winner
will take home one of O'Reilly's .NET titles.


Converting Visual Basic 6 Applications to Visual Basic .NET

Alison Balter, President, InfoTechnology Partners, Inc.

Learn the differences between VB 6.0 and VB.NET and what it takes to convert
a Visual Basic 6.0 application to .NET. Explore the gotchas of the
conversion process. Learn what works and what doesn't work. Finally, learn
when it is appropriate to convert a Visual Basic 6.0 application, and why it
is generally preferable to start over. In this talk, we'll convert an actual
Visual Basic 6.0 application to the .NET environment and see first hand what
goes wrong.

The Data: Beyond the Basics

Alison Balter, President, InfoTechnology Partners, Inc.

In this talk you'll learn how to harness the power of data access in your
..NET applications. We'll go beyond the .NET wizards and the standard
interfaces and will explore some of the code that the Visual Studio wizards
create for you. You'll learn what underlies the data classes that .NET
provides to you. Finally, you'll learn how to build a Web Service that
provides data to a Web form or Win form.

Scott Hutchinson
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