DeKlarit turns Visual Studio .NET into a RAD tool for designing, developing
and maintaining the business logic and data layers.

DeKlarit provides a simple way to design database applications using plain
business knowledge. Based on that, DeKlarit automatically creates and maintains
a normalized schema as well as generates ADO.NET strongly typed DataSets
and DataAdapters. When the application requirements change, DeKlarit creates
a new database schema, migrates the data from the old schema to the new one,
and regenerates the required DataSets and DataAdapters.

DeKlarit 1.3 focuses on improving performance and on making the developer's
design, development, and maintenance experience easier.

Important performance improvements were made in project loading and saving
times, impact analysis, reverse engineering, and the DeKlarit Add-ins. Some
of the new features include documentation for each project item, a Formula
Builder for editing DeKlarit formulas, and ComboBoxes for Business Components
attributes that are flagged as having "LowCardinality" in ASP.NET projects.
Most frequent bugs and annoyances were also eliminated.

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