I have converted the December 1998 tip, Shell and Wait with Terminate, for
VB.Net. From the tip intro:

In December 1998 I wrote a 'Shell and Wait' tip. It has been the most
downloaded tip from this site. This month I converted the code to use
VB.Net. Thanks to Tom Sheldon for providing the basic code needed to start a
'process' and terminate it if desired. Typically the function is used to
launch another application then wait for its completion. I use 'shell and
wait' to launch VB 6 compiles. The compiles are run in 'batch' mode. The
control program builds the VB project in a temporary folder then launches VB
to compile it. There are many other uses of 'shell and wait'. I attempted to
maintain compatibility with the VB 6 version while converting the function
to VB.Net. I think I did a pretty good job. The call to the function has not
been altered.

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Larry Rebich