Active Calendar is an ASP.NET server control that allows users to select a
date and/or time quickly using a professional looking date picker with a
client-side managed event system. No postback to the server required, no
external script file required. Active Calendar includes the Active DateTime
technology. You can disable the visible calendar format and simply use the
Active DateTime component of ActiveCalendar to provide a date/time selector
group with client-side validation.

Active Calendar features:
- Client-side managed navigation. No postback to the server required. No
external script file required.
- Select month and year using selectors.
- Select next/previous month and year using a customizable navigation system.
- Includes time selection.
- Full customization of the appearance using standard format styles.
- Choose between month names or month numbers. Fully customizable.
- Utilizes the .Net component event model.
- Culture independent.
- Three levels of browser compatibility
- Fault tolerant.
- Full source code available.
- Does not rely on any additional controls.

30 day trial available: