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    Michael Guest

    Best Practices -- creating reference

    We have our first large .NET project that has exposed some issues:
    One developer created a project for each DLL and a project for the web page.
    He created reference to his object doing an Add Reference / Project. He
    published all but the solution. This made the next person carefully rebuild
    a solution in the correct order or the assembly would not compile cleanly.

    I have been playing with building each DLL separately and doing reference
    to the DLL. But the GAC isn't enumerated when we go to do an ADD REFERENCE.
    This makes the next person highly dependant on which drive and folder I
    have placed the DLL. And they must have that DLL already compiled on their

    I am trying to find Best Practices for creating reference to DLL's in a project.
    Also Best Practices for publishing solutions to the VSS. Should solutions
    be published with the projects? Should each project be published individually
    and the solution published by itself?

    Any help on these issues is appreciated. I really don't want our first .NET
    app to be a support nightmare six months from now.



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    Chris Gallucci Guest

    Re: Best Practices -- creating reference

    I would like to add that I'm interested in this too. The .NET project I'm
    working on right now has the team members debating the merits of project
    reference vs. file reference vs. GAC. So far there's no real consensus on
    the best practice.


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