AutomatedQA is proud to announce the release of AQtime 2.0. For those who
know the AQA family, this is the successor to Qtime, includes all the
functionality of MemProof, and automatically integrates five profilers into

AQtime 2.0 is an industrial-grade workbench for profiling Windows
applications and checking their resource usage and leaks. Nineteen profilers
range from Function Timing to Memory/Resource Monitor to Platform Compliance
Analysis. Executable formats profiled go from EXE to ActiveX to remote DCOM
servers. AQtime is completely thread-aware and supports Visual C++, Visual
Basic, Delphi, C++Builder and gcc.

Code can be selected for profiling by class, function, etc., or by call
location. Input can be recorded for replay on later runs. Results can be
filtered, compared, merged, stored, printed, and analyzed with a rich set of
linked, interactive visual tools. Complete description at

Philippe Ranger, for AutomatedQA