i would appreciate your opinions/ experiences regarding the following questions

a) how is component-load balancing implemented in a 3-tier system.. if server1
which has the mts components crashes, how do i make server2 take over? --note
that the proxy in the client points only to server1.. when server1 crashes,
how do i make the clients instantiate objects in server2..

b)i have read a bit about network load balancing (nlb) .. my understanding
is that nlb is for balancing http requests coming from static ip addresses
and that it is not useful to re-route clients (that instantiate components)
form one server to another..can anyone comment on/verify this?

c) the wolfpack pack of 4 servers and 1 raid device for data seems to be
the recommendation for failsafe systems.. how does this system handle component
load balancing? ..or does it not?

d)it is my understanding that clbs (component load balancing) functionality
is supposed to be in the appcenter server that is yet to be released .. i
would like to know if anyone else in this newsgroup has info on when it is
supposed to be released.. i was not able to get a tech-preview from ms --
they took the details but never replied back

appreciate your time in advance