Hi Folks,

I am creating rules on Exchange mailboxes using the Rule component provided
in the SDK. My issue is with assigning the Index number so my rule will be

I'd like my rule have an Index of 1 so it is the first to fire off. That
hasn't been to hard, you assign the .NewIndex property to each rule and
update the indice. My stumbling block is doing it programmatically. For

Rule1 = 1
Rule2 = 2
myRule = 3

When I create the rule it get's assigned last (myRule). I need to move the
number 3 rule to number 1 and have the others shift down 1 number. I've
done this with some looping based on the Count, but it always takes the last
rule and make it first and the first rule last. I need any rules I assign
to take precidence over user rules.

I've thought about arrays, but I'm not that experienced with them yet.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Any help is appreciated...