We're currently having transaction problems and I'm not sure if it with MTS
or not - maybe someone can suggest possible areas to investigate.
Technology: VB6, MTS 2.0, NT4.0(SP6), SQLServer 7.0, ADO2.1
Architecture: 3-tier (client forms and client side objects, server side objects
in MTS, database)
1. We retrieve info through ADO recordsets using queries in the server side
objects (search classes don't require transactions)
2. Disconnect the recordset and return to the client
3. Client updates/changes the recordset
4. Recordset passed to server side maintainance objects(requires transactions),
reconnected and update is called on the recordset
1. Intermittent DTC error that is reported on the client side(in the DTC
monitor) but not in the server side DTC (has 0 aborted transactions)
2. Sometimes the DTC error occurs in the server side object but this causes
MTS to hang (object stays activated)
The Server side contains a delegation class that routes all requests to the
appropriate server side class (It looks after the creation of the correct
class,the calling of the method, and the destruction of the appropriate class).
We have put this class in MTS(for object instantiation & pooling) but it
does not use transactions. The rest of the server side object are in 2 categories:
1. Search objects(none require transactions)
2. Maint objects(all require transactions)
This application is installed on site with our clients and they have reported
no such errors. Their database configuration has production settings (RAID
etc) therefore is much faster.

Does anyone think there is anything wrong with the above?
I want to be ahead of this in case they start reporting similar errors.
We've tried several approaches to debugging this problem and have got no
closer to a diagnosis. Sorry for the detail but a lot of queries go unaided
due to their vaugeness.