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    How to retrieve Assoc-NT-Account in format DOMAIN/USER from LDAP

    How to retrieve Assoc-NT-Account in format DOMAIN/USER from LDAP
    Is there any way? I got some array but I dont know what to do next.

    Im trying this but it isnt working:

    Dim myLDAP As IADsContainer
    Dim Member As IADsUser
    Dim strText() As Variant

    Set myLDAP = GetObject("LDAP://servername/o=org/ou=unit./cn=Recipients")

    For Each Member In myLDAP
    If Member.Class = "organizationalPerson" Then
    Member.GetInfoEx Array("Assoc-NT-Account"), 0
    ReDim strText(256)
    strText = Member.GetEx("Assoc-NT-Account")
    End If
    Next Member

    End Sub

    Endys Miroslav

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    L.J. Johnson Guest

    Re: How to retrieve Assoc-NT-Account in format DOMAIN/USER from LDAP


    I don't have Exchange to test this on but according to the docs:

    "When creating an Exchange mailbox, you must associate the mailbox with a
    Windows NT account. This value is stored in the Assoc-NT-Account attribute
    of the mailbox. This value is the SID, which is the binary representation of
    the Windows NT account. Again, ADSI is capable of setting the value of this
    attribute once it's created, but cannot create the attribute from a
    domain\username pair such as "NORTHAMERICA\jsmith"."

    Once you have the SID, you should be able to use syntax like the following
    to get the rest of the user info:
    Dim x As IADs
    Set x = GetObject("LDAP://servername/<GUID=xxx>")
    L.J. Johnson, Slightly Tilted Software
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)
    LJJohnsn@Flash.Net or LJJohnson@mvps.org
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