I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but I loathe

I've created a COM+ component, and hosted it in the Component Manager
on a machine running Windows 2000. I created an "Export..." MSI file
with CAB for the client proxy installation.

This MSI file works fine from other Windows 2000 machines, but it
won't work from NT 4 or Win98. When I try to install it the MS
Installer says I need a later version of a service pack.

I'm already using SP6 on NT 4.0.

So, two questions:

- How can I install these MSI files on non-2000 clients
- If I can't, what is the best way to create an alternative client
installation that will work on NT and Win98?

I didn't find anything on this at all in the MSKB or the MS web site.

-- Jim F.