Is there a generic DCOM solution for Windows 2000 that will allow me to
connect from any two machines accross the internet from any type of service
provider (dial-up, cable modem, and DSL)?

I am trying to get a DCOM connection to work accross the internet. Is DCOM
possible through all providers including dial-up? I can't even connect to
my home machine (cable modem) from my work machine (T-1). I believe there
are problems with firewalls. I have read the MS articles about using DCOM
through firewalls. However, it talks about configuring your firewall to
allow certain traffic through certain ports and then configuring DCOM to use
those ports. What about when this isn't possible such as dial-up service

I have tried COM internet services (CIS). Does this require Windows 2000
server or Windows NT server, or will it work with Windows 2000 and the
Windows NT workstation option pack? I have the "Enable COM internet
services" check box from dcomcnfg in workstation and 2000 professional as
well as the tunnelling protocol option. I configured this, but I couldn't
get a connection using it at all (when I removed all other protocols).

I would appreciate any information about this subject.