We're currently running Win2k Server in Terminal Server mode (application
server) with outlook 2000. Initially we had it running in eval mode. However,
we performed the upgrade to the full edition and Outlook 2000 simply will
not connect to our Exch 5.5 server. In OL Client exchange server properties,
when you type in the server name and username, it tries resolve and bombs
out with "Cannot resolve name, Outlook Address Book cannot connect to the
Exchange Server". All communications are working (eg. Netbios name resolution,
TCP IP communications, WINs, RCPing tests). However, we've tried just about
every combination of uninstalls yet still cannot get ride of this problem.
We've managed to replicate this on a different machine B (with only MS applications
running) but not on machine C. Technet hasn't resolved anything and nor has
the fault call to Microsoft.

So if anyone else has any ideas help would be greatly appreciated.


Sam Tran