To readers of this forum... Please help,

1)We have an Exchange 5.5 server on NT 4.0.

2)We use Pop3 Gateway EMP from DVNC.

3)We are running Outlook 2000 clients.

4)Services: Microsoft Exchange Server; Internet Mail


Our problem only occur when users checking their emails with dial-up.
When they using dial-up to an ISP, and accessing our email system, they
recieve what ever is in the inbox at the exchange server, even if they already
got the same mail earlier. For example, if one recieve mail A, B, C... this
morning, and if they check their mail again in the afternoon, if their are
any new mail, they give recieve... but the problem is that they also recieve
all the mail in the morning again. This problem only occur when they using
dial-up... when they are in the office, they are fine.

Our mail is delivered to a mailer server where our domain is hosted.
Our mail is in the format
At the host there are pop3 boxes for the outside sales people.
For example,
When mail is received, it is first checked against the hosted mailboxes.
If the name is one of those Pop3 boxes such as , it is
delivered to that box.
Otherwise, if it is , it is forwarded to our Exchange
There a POP3 package pulls it in for Exchange.
The problem is when a message is sent to multiple recipients.
If there are a mix of inside and outside recipients, problems occur.
And if the message is forwarded from an outside recipient , back into the Exchange system, problems abound.
When the message forwarded to anyoneinside@domain arrives at the system from
outside the system, gets the message just fine. But Exchange then splits
up the message
and resends it to all the other inside addresses in the original To: and
CC: fields.
They get the message a 2nd time. They got it first as the internal message.
If address is on the To: or CC: list,
it is sent to the admin as an unknown recipient since
The user is not on Exchange, but at the domain
host site.
How do I stop Exchange from delivering to the others on the To: and CC:
list when the message is sent to only one user?
My application log file for NT only shows the message as being delivered
to the one right user.
But Exchange delivers to all other users on the To: and CC list