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    JohnN Guest

    Can Exchange drop attachment names?

    Exchange 5.5, SP4; CDO 1.2.1

    I have CDO-created messages that are not behaving correctly. The message has
    a file attachment. In the "Sent Items" folder--and in messages I send to an
    account on the Exchange server--the attachment icon appears in the message,
    and file name appears normally.

    Received at the other end, however, it looks like this (a UNIX server
    running SendMail 8.x):

    .... NextPart_000_01C095D2.C75410E
    Content - Type: application/octet-stream;
    Content - Transfer - Encoding: base64
    Content - Disposition: attachment;
    Content - Description: <the file name is here>


    QUESTION: Are there any Exchange settings that could cause this behavior?

    The SA at the other end says that manually prepared messages (using OE)
    received from other organizations behave properly (filename="<name>")
    **AND** they don't include the "Content-Description" line. If I use the
    Exchange client and manually prepare a message, it arrives correctly, too
    (sans Content-Description).

    I sought the counsel of VB NG's. The responder posted code he had used to
    successfully transmit attachments. While the changes suggested didn't, IMHO,
    make a functional difference, I went ahead and coded them on the chance I
    was missing something really subtle.

    But I still having the same result.

    It's driving me nutty. Any ideas?


    (BTW, this is sent across a VPN in a hub-and-spoke architecture, so I don't
    have any other--Exchange--servers I can test against.)

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    JohnN Guest

    Re: Can Exchange drop attachment names?

    Situation resolved. Disregard, thanks.

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