I am having a problem with the following scenario . . .

I have created a custom form (originally a appointment form) with custom
fields that contain application data.

A VB application populates the custom fields of the form and fills the
appropriate subject, date, and recipient info.

The user sends the meeting request, and it get received by all recipients
properly, including a public folder which I maintain for tracking purposes.
All the custom data is viewable by the recipients of the meeting request.

On the public (calendar) folder, I have a script running which will keep
track of any changes to the meeting and update the application database
appropriately. (In theory)

The script which gets fired as a result of any new Meeting, or Change of an
existing meeting does not seem to handle the message very well.
1: The script cannot access any of the custom fields.
2: The item is always of class MessageItem
3: Setting the type to my Message Type does not seem to have any affect
.. . .

Am I just missing something, or do I just have this all wrong. Any help
would be appreciated.


Jason Thorn