I have a scenario here where we have already developed COM components under
Windows NT 4.0( Dual interface support). Earlier all the Clients ( remote
Clients) were Windows supported machines ( either some Desktop PC, or mobile
devices ). Client-Server was no hassle. Now, as part of transition, we still
want to deploy or rather support our old COM Components assuming Client
machines will no longer be of Windows. (We are actually developing in
parallell a new Server product based on RMI ). We thought of having a
DCOM-Corba bridge for this transition but only few vendors provide this
bridge. People say Visual Edge's Object Bridge is more general and robust. I
also hear Orbix supplies bridge too. Another situation, we have here is that
our COM Servers are Event based. So, if there are bridges, there must be
sufficiently supported Event Service features. Visibroker Event Service is
available as I hear but there is no bridge here. Events, I reiterate, are
very important as well in our Client-Server application.

I was fiddling with the idea of writing mapping wrapper classes for the COM
Server that will send messages and events to the Client. Client also uses
this wrapper or if not feasible, a separate wrapper class is written on the
Client side (for Java based Client program) and callbacks and events are
sent to Server for update of information( significant events, like closing
or exiting some programs or anything like that ). This, is a simple
straightforward approach duplicating or reproducing as a mirror image of the
COM Server. However, I am not sure how practical this is. Perhaps, not a
good idea for a big COM Component with quite a many Event handling

Any suggestions and advice in resolving this issue is highly appreciated.



Jayanta Konjengbam
Development Engineer, Software
lesswire AG, Im Technologiepark 25
Frankfurt(Oder), Germany