I have a VB EXE client that accesses VB DLL that's running in COM+ on a server.
When reading up about "Deploying Application Proxies", I found this little

Note It is recommended that you separate the interface definitions from
the class implementations. Otherwise, the set of DLLs or type libraries included
in the COM+ application proxy will include actual server code.

I noticed on the client - that in fact - the same DLLs that are on the server
are now on the client. It seems as though the components are executing on
the Server, but I'm not 100% sure at this point. I'm putting in some addition
logging info now to verify.

My question is - what exactly are the recommending?
If I have a DLL which has Class1, which has instancing=MultiUse

and a client that has
Dim o as Class1
set o = new Class1

Should I create a secondary DLL for the client that only has an interface
definition for Class1? If so, how would the code look like on the client?

Any help would be greatly appreciated