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    Jane Zeikel Guest

    ATL Ax control & VB Apartment threaded Ax control problem???

    I am having a problem with VB - when I try to place my ATL Ax control onto a
    VB apartment thread model UserControl I get this error
    "foobar is a single-threaded component and cannot be used in
    multi-threaded projects"

    The VB control has to be Apartment threaded or it causes the host app to
    complain. My ATL Control has _ATL_APARTMENT_THREADED defined

    I notice that when I select Full Control when adding the ATL object that it
    won't allow me to choose the 'both' or 'free' options for threading model,
    but I thought apartment would be enough anyway?



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    Jane Zeikel Guest

    Re: ATL Ax control & VB Apartment threaded Ax control problem???

    I have the answer now thanks - I did need to set the reg key - but I was
    setting it in the wrong place doh!

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