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    rwallace Guest

    A few things I hope you can clear up...

    I have no doubt, these three questions will exceed the boundaries of your
    discussion, but as they have been most troubling to my development efforts,
    I figure they're worth asking, just in case:

    1.) When I create my own ActiveX Controls (of which I am quite well versed),
    I cannot seem to get the control to automatically insert the [Index as Integer]
    argument to events such as Click, DblClick, etc... when the control is augmented
    as an array (in other words copying the control in question, and pasting
    another - accepting the prompt to create a control array).
    This works fine when I use the ActiveX Wizard, but I do not like the way
    the wizard documents my code, or uses naming conventions.
    When comparing a control made by myself and one made from the wizard, I find
    absolutely nothing dsifferent in the code (other than the comments and naming
    conventions) What am I doing wrong?
    P.S. I haven't deleted the necessary mapping comments above the code blocks.

    2.) I have created a fairly extensive framework for my development efforts
    and have equally extensive error handling in it... but when I try to write
    to the native error log, I am forced to use whatever directory the computer
    wishes to write the log to (usually the C:\ root directory). I have experimented
    with inserting App.Path to force the directory to be that of my program exe
    file, and have also tried creating a variable to store the App.Path and use
    it in a similar way - niether approach works. Is there a way to force the
    directory used?

    3.) When creating an ActiveX control that has a transparent BackStyle (for
    use with masked pictures), the original picture (hardcoded in the control
    prior to compilation) always appears invisible, regardless of the mask color
    and mask picture utilized... when I change or even reload the picture (in
    design mode), everything appears as it should... what is the problem?

    4.) [just remembered this one, hope you'll let me sneak it in
    When using the above control, I have code to resize the control to wrap the
    picture whenever it is changed (using the ScaleX and ScaleY methods, converting
    HiMetric to Twips)... this works well enough when loaded, but when I try
    to respond to the picture being resized by storing the code in the Resize
    event, the picture's height is wrapped fine, but not the width... I am certain
    the code works (no problems using it in objects other than ActiveX controls)...
    I'm stumped.
    P.S. If there is a way to make the resizing handles disappear during design
    time, this would solve the problem too.

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    Tim Patrick Guest

    Re: A few things I hope you can clear up...

    Your discussion host (that's me) is starting to get an inferiority complex
    from the nature of the questions. Like you, I am just a Visual Basic programmer
    who has to bang his head against the brick wall of tough programming problems
    all the time. I wish I could solve the problems you are having, but it is
    difficult when I do not have the entire set of code available. However,
    here are some of my thoughts on your issues. If they are useful to you,

    1. I have not had the control array problem you are discussing. As you know,
    the control array aspect of a custom ActiveX control is not handled primarily
    by you, but by the "extender" features of the VB User Control implementation.
    I agree that "wizard" code generators are frustrating, but you may be able
    to use the wizard simply to generate comparison code. I would generate your
    control using the wizard, save it to a "ctl" file, then open the ctl file
    in Notepad (or similar program) to see everything that the wizard is putting
    in the file. Then compare it to your ctl file. You may see some minor (hidden)
    attribute that differs between your version and the wizard version.

    2. I assume by "native error log" you mean the App.LogEvents method. If
    your application is running on Windows NT or 2000, the logged entries are
    placed in the system event log, viewable with the Event Viewer or the Windows
    2000 management console. In Windows 9x, the logged entries should appear
    in a file you specify through the App.LogPath property. App.Path is not
    designed for use with the App.LogEvents command.

    3. Windows is funny when it comes to drawing background pictures. I just
    read an article that said Microsoft changed the way that background graphics
    are drawing between VB5 and VB6. I think the article is in the October 2000
    issue of MSDN magazine, but since it is at home and I am at the office....
    As you know, the drawing of the form is done internally using WM_PAINT messages,
    exposed in VB through the Form_Paint event. If there is a lot of activity
    going on in your system, WM_PAINT messages take a back seat to other more
    important messages. Perhaps VB is tossing the WM_PAINT messages when it
    experiences message overload at the startup of your control. I kind of doubt
    that. Still, you may simply have to overcome the problem either by calling
    the Me.Refresh method early in the life of the control, or by placing the
    picture in a hosted picture control.

    4. These computers are just so baffling! Offhand I do not know what the
    problem is. You already know that there are different Twips measurements
    for X and Y, as exposed through the Screen.TwipsPerPixelX and Screen.TwipsPerPixelY
    properties. I would probably put tons of Debug.Print messages in the control
    to find out what is really going on. If you change the image to be stored
    in a hosted control, as I mentioned in the previous item, that may automatically
    solve your problem.
    Tim Patrick

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