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    jspimentel Guest

    combobox with long list

    I got combo box and list box that contain long list. I managed to solve the
    list box using api
    but left out with the combo box. Is there any combo box that can scroll
    horizontally and look through the



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    rwallace Guest

    Re: combobox with long list

    You might want to try using a standard or data-bound grid control(either the
    default or third-party) over the list... this would solve the problem you
    mentioned from what I understand of it, but will likely add to the resource
    load a bit.

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    Tim Patrick Guest

    Re: combobox with long list

    The standard combo box does not include a feature to scroll horizontally in
    the drop-down portion of the control. However, you can adjust the width
    of the drop-down to display the widest item in the list. This is done by
    sending the CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH message to the control with the SendMessage
    API call. You can determine the width of each item in the list using the
    form's TextWidth method. After you make some minor adjustments to this value,
    you can use this width to set the dropped width. If this is what you are
    looking for, send me an e-mail at tim@vbstyleguide.com and I will send you
    back a routine that does all of this when you pass it a combo control.
    Tim Patrick

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