dcom and permissions

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Thread: dcom and permissions

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    keith.bernard Guest

    dcom and permissions

    We have a NT Server (Web server) not on any domain connected to a NT server
    pc running an active-x exe (ole server) component

    DComcnfg has been used on both pcs to allow access and launching of the remote
    component from the web server

    The problem seems to be permissions- Error 70 with trying to synch the user
    accounts on both pcs.

    We have tried local accounts on both pcs as per the literature but this doesn't
    seem to help

    If the machines are put on the same domain then they communicate ok -so surely
    the dcom layer is working?

    We have read numerous articles from the web but nothing yet has done any

    Any help would be most appreciated as there is a tight ( yesterday) timescale
    on this !!!!!!!!!

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    Tim Patrick Guest

    Re: dcom and permissions

    I am afraid that this question is way off of the topic, and out of my area
    of expertise. I am not an expert in DCOM authentication. I did a quick
    web search on "dcom authentication NT domain error 70" and came up with two
    web sites.

    A discussion with someone who is experiencing this problem: http://www.tek-tips.com/gviewthread..../195/qid/20810

    Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q183607:

    You may wish to place a support call to Microsoft. It will probably cost
    you $175, but they will either solve your problem or refund the money. There
    are also many DCOM-related web sites and discussion groups available on-line.
    Tim Patrick

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