I am deploying a new installation of Exchange 2000 which will handle mail
service for many different domain names (not unlike a hosting environment).

Everything is configured and seems to work well, however, there are two things
that we have been unable to figure out how to accomplish:

1) Catch-all forwarding of mail with unresolved addresses to a specific user.
For example, if there are two valid users (tim@domain and sally@domain) their
mail will be delivered as normal. What we want to do is then take any other
mail (abc@domain or lisa@domain; essentially *@domain) and deliver it to
a specific user on the server. We have tried adding the e-mail addresses
@domain and *@domain and just 'domain' to an account in Active Directory,
however, it seems to have no effect and all unresolved mail is bounced back
to the sender.

2) Aliasing or forwarding of mail from one domain to another.
Many of our domains have similar names and resolve to the same IP addresses
and we would like all mail for any domain in a particular group to go to
the same place. For example domain1, domain2, and domain3 are all for the
same organization so any mail for a given user on any of those domains should
go to the same user account.
I know that policies can be used to essentialy generate an address for a
list of domains, however, this seems entirely too high maintenance. It would
be nice to do the equivalent of "route all mail for domain2 and domain3 to

Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.