Q: Can I create/move public folders in/to other recipient containers than
the original "Recipients" container ?

(Configuration : Windows NT4, Exchange 5.5 (Outlook 2000 clients), 1 site,
1 server)

If the answer is no, maybe you know a better way to solve my problem (Note:
maybe I don't use the right terms, for my exchange is in french, but I guess
you can understand what I mean !) :

I want to create a parent public folder, from which a group of users (DL
"Commercial", in my case) will be able to create new public folders. These
users will have to define some rules for each new folder, such as automatic
answering. To do so, these users' NT accounts (NT "Commercial" group) will
need the "send as" right on the new public folder.

I gave this right on the parent folder to the "Commercial" group... but it
is not inherited by the new folders created in it. It seems that the only
inherited rights are those defined for top-level containers, such as server,
or recipient containers.

But I don't want to give "Commercial" group the right "send as" on the original
"Recipients" container, because this would affect all mailboxes !! That's
why I wanted to home these public folders in a new recipient container, on
which "Commercial" group would have the right "send as".

But every public folder I create homes in original "Recipients" container,
and I can't change it !!!

Can anybody help me ? :-)