Ok I know Builder has the nice RAD tool, but what other differences are there
between the two? What should I learn to get going?

Does your book (Morrison) cover C++ in general? Visual C++? MFC? OWL?

Would this book begin at the beginning or somewhere more advanced? I've
had two classes in C++ but I learned more in just one month of reading on
my own than two semesters of classes...still I feel like a total beginner
(I can do much much more in VB, in C++ I am happy if I can get a simple console
app running decently). I have a handle on arrays, classes, and such, however
there are so many things that I need to learn (many of which seem like they
should have been covered by now) that I can't even begin to list them all.
So I'm starting to get a bit frustrated at this point

Excuse me if I am making no sense I just spent the entire evening struggling
with a C++ book which contained two pages of completely incorrect information
(I almost ripped the thing in half when I finally figured out that they had
reversed some things).

Ok off to bed thanks for any help/answers