I have a requirement to get the number of end items for
all users in Active Directory. I was able to do that by
accessing the mailboxes like

"file://./backofficestorage/domain/mbx/" & MailboxName
&"/Send Items"

Now the problem is that I have a second Exchange server
and some of the users have mailboxes on the second
exchange server and the file:// Url does not work any more.

As an alternative, I tried this

"http://Server1/exchange/" & MailboxName & "/Send Items".

Now this would give an error if the mailbox is on Server2
and I trap this error and change the URL to have Server2
instead of Server1.

This works OK for some users but runs into some problem
which I am not sure is an IIS issue or DNS issue.

Is there any way that I can construct the URL using the
file:// format to a second Exchange server.


Rajesh Abraham Chacko