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    Carl Crosswhite Guest

    Mixing JSPs and HTML (I)

    What is your advice about developing web applications with JSPs?

    Should ALL pages be JSPs? or would a mixture of JSPs and HTML not get (some)one
    into trouble?

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    Larne Pekowsky Guest

    Re: Mixing JSPs and HTML (I)

    In article <399a96d2$1@news.devx.com>,
    Carl Crosswhite <Carlxw@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

    >Should ALL pages be JSPs? or would a mixture of JSPs and HTML not get
    >(some)one into trouble?

    There is no problem mixing JSP, HTML and servlets into the same
    application, so you can use whatever makes the most sense for
    each page.

    A plain HTML page will typically be served very slightly faster than
    the same page as a JSP. On the other hand, if every page on your site
    has some common navigation, you may want to make every page a JSP so
    that you can use a jsp:include, and keep the navigation contained in a
    single file. This makes changing and maintaining a site very easy.

    - Larne

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