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Thread: JSP using COM

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    Pavel Guest

    JSP using COM


    Our JSP application is a value added service to the main Win32 app. We use
    NT, Jrun, and... few COM objects. Making a JCW with J++ is a snap, but it
    ties us to Micro$oft VM and Java1.1. We have evaluated JIntegra recently,
    but their COM Wrappers are not as easy to create and to use as J++'s. We
    would love to move ahead with 1.3, EJBs, JBoss, and all the other nice J2EE

    Would you have any insight into JSP/COM legacy problem and possible solutions?



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    Larne Pekowsky Guest

    Re: JSP using COM

    Pavel <pbosin@blue-pumpkin.com> wrote:

    Hi Pavel,

    >Would you have any insight into JSP/COM legacy problem and possible solutions?

    Unfortunately you've already mentioned JIntegra, which is the only
    option I've heard of.

    SOAP looks promising as a simple, lightweight and platform-neutral way
    to handle distributed components, but it's not quite a reality yet.
    If you're willing to be one of the brave pioneers in this area you can
    get a Java implementation of SOAP from
    http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/soap4j, and the SOAP toolkit for
    Visual Studio
    may help on the Microsoft side.

    Either way, good luck! And if you do find a better way to handle
    this problem please let me know...

    - Larne

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