I have a question on exchange 5.5. I do not know if what we are looking
to do is possible. But it cant hurt to ask.

We would like to have an exchange 5.5 form that we can fill out and it will
email someone from an address like support@whatever.com. When the person
replys to the email they received, we would like exchange to automatically
send that response to the person who sent the email to begin with. Regardless
of which address it shows it came from.

So.. "bob" (bob@ourdomain.com) fills out a form that is sent to "jim" (jim@someotherdomain.com).
When jim receives that email it says it came from (support@ourdomain.com),
and when jim replys to this message, exchange knows to send drop it in bob's
mailbox because he was the one who actually typed and sent the message.

Again, don't know if this is possible, but any help/suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.