Here's a rather long, specific question re: Fireworks. If this isn't
the appropriate forum, my apologies. If anyone knows a better place to
post this question, would be great to know... thanks


My layout includes 2 Fireworks tables, one on the left of my display, and
one on the top, and I need the
imagery in the lefthand and top tables to merge seamlessly. By default, Fireworks'
inserts a 1-pixel spacer in
the rightmost table column which creates a vertical hairline crack in my

The only posts I found in Macromedia help forums about this issue suggest
a solution for Fireworks 2 and 3,
that doesn't seem to be available in my version (Fireworks 4.0, educational
version, running under Windows
95). -- The suggested solution says to use a "Shims from Image" option, which
I don't see under any
of the document/html properties/preferences options anywhere in my version
of the product.

I need to be able to set up my imagery as described, i.e., table on left,
and one at top, for maintenance
purposes. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.