I work for a research institution, however before I started working here,
the intranet was a hodge-podge of various designs,
layouts, fonts etc. I worked at changing all the pages to a common theme
and increasing intranet use. However, major
drawbacks are the different operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows: 95,
98, 98SE, 2000) and browsers and versions
(Netscape: 4, 4.79, 6, 7; Internet Explorer: 4, 5, 6 and Mozilla: at least
2 different versions) being used.

In trying to get the pages to display the same, I have been using the traditional
tables, arial/sans-serif font with
everything set to be relative to the user's monitor and settings. Now my
boss wants all pages to look exactly the same
no matter what system is used! Can this be done without using images? I've
always thought that pages will never look
exactly the same since it is dependent on browsers etc.